History of Pakistan Movement

Pakistan appeared on the world map as the first Islamic and the fifth largest country of the world on August 14, 1947. It is an ideological state established in the name of Islam. Two-Nation Theory is the basis of the creation of Pakistan. Muslims and Hindus being two separate nations from every definition though lived together in India over the centuries but remained poles apart as nothing was common between the two. They had always remained as two distinct social systems, two separate and distinct cultures and last but not the least, two different civilizations. The differences between them are not confined to the struggle for political supremacy but are also manifested in the clash of two social orders. Despite living together for more than one thousand years, they continued to develop different cultures and traditions. Their eating habits, music, architecture and script, all are totally different from each other. Even the language they speak and the dress they wear is entirely different. After having failed to convince the majority community for peaceful co-existence, the Muslims demanded a separate homeland in the Muslim majority areas of India, where they could spend their lives according to the glorious teachings of Islam.